The World We Envision

A society where everyone
is accepted as they are,
and choices in life
are unrestricted

Here at Baobab, we respect above all a culture of mutual recognition of differences and mutual assistance among people who are limited in the work they can do, and those who are not.
Through the work we do, we put great importance on fostering a strong sense of self-esteem, and promoting a culture and environment in which one can earn reasonable remuneration for work done. Furthermore, we endeavour to create a system in which anyone, no matter their background or circumstances, can work on projects as a professional, and continuously support their professional development.
This is because we believe that instead of blaming any discontent or frustrations on one's family, partner, company, community, government or nationality, having more people in society who are responsible for making their own choices and decisions, and act of their own volition, will lead to happiness for everyone.
With Baobab's organisation and culture, in which anyone can work as a professional annotator, we provide the best quality AI training data in the world.

Baobab's Services

Providing the highest quality AI training data in the world

Good quality training data is crucial to the success of AI development. Our training program cultivates professional annotators, and we have developed proprietary tools for annotation tasks. In addition, we implement thorough quality control, enabling us to speedily deliver high-quality AI training data.

LLM development/data set creation for fine tuning/RLHF/model evaluation

Comprehensive service offering everything from the development of large language models (LLMs) by experts with extensive knowledge and experience in natural language AI development, to the creation of data sets for the fine tuning that is essential for improving the accuracy of the model, reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) to maximise the performance of the AI, and evaluation of the resulting model.

Image annotation

We have been providing image annotation services since 2015 such as Bounding Box, Polygon, Semantic Segmentation and Keypoint for images, as well as Video annotation. We have also undertaken many multimodal projects such as captioning videos and still images. In addition to annotation, we also train and evaluate models, and provide Baobab AutoML Vision Report, which is an assessment report to help improve your data.

Audio transcription/annotation

Transcription and tagging of audio utilizing ELAN and other tools.
We provide this service in multiple languages including Japanese, English and Chinese.

Text annotation

Tagging, classification, pronoun extraction, etc.

Construction of training data for machine translation systems

Since Baobab's inception, we have always worked closely with research institutions and universities developing machine translation systems, for whom we have worked on many multi-million character projects, creating bilingual training data faster and at a more reasonable price than anywhere else.

Bilingual scenario creation in multiple languages

We create audio data of native speakers reading scripted conversations based on your required settings or predetermined conversation scenarios, or simulated conversations between 2 speakers speaking freely, and deliver written transcriptions in your desired format.

Image collection/sound collection

Our partners around the world working remotely collect images, multilingual speeches and other sounds using the Moringa mobile apps developed by Baobab.

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