Working at Baobab

Baobab is aiming to realise a society where everyone is accepted as they are, and choices in life are unrestricted.
We understand and respect the circumstances and ambitions of each of the partners who work for us and, by offering a strong support system and appropriate remuneration for work done, we have created an environment in which partners can work with a strong sense of self-esteem.

Baobab Culture

Discover the things we are passionate about as we aim to create a culture in which all partners, whether in-house or located around the world, can work with pride in what they do.

  • 1.Mutual assistance (Understanding and Cooperation)

    We have established an environment in which everyone can speak freely, so no one has to carry the burden of a problem alone.
    In addition to work-related discussions, we encourage sharing daily successes and even private concerns, such as “what is the best detergent to clean a muddy baseball uniform?”. By sharing, we are able to positively support each other and offer praise where due.
    Furthermore, we believe in giving as much consideration as possible to individual circumstances. To implement this, we assign project and create support systems within the team to enable each individual to work as flexibly as they wish.

  • 2.Independence (Cheerfulness and Responses)

    Mistakes are made, that's part of life, but we never blame individuals, rather we build our operations around improving the working environment.
    We are constantly updating our annotation tools to make them easier to use, and always aim to answer questions as quickly as possible to help our partners develop into capable and independent workers.

  • 3.Pursuit of quality (Challenges and Commitment)

    When staff are faced with an unknown challenge, we make sure that they are not left to try and tackle it alone, and instead support them as a team to overcome the problem together.
    From the beginning of Baobab's founding, we knew it was important to have a relationship of mutual trust among our staff.
    Communication is rooted in each and every one of us being committed to maintaining this unwavering relationship of trust, and we are confident that the work we have assigned to staff will be completed on time, with a standard of quality to the best of their ability. If that is not possible they will inform us immediately and discuss it with us.

    It is these factors that lie behind Baobab's world-class quality deliverables. Our dedication to quality, backed by our company culture and work practices, drives customer satisfaction and increases value, which is returned to our partners (Baoparts) in the form of high earnings.

A Unique System for Ensuring Quality

Baobab is not a crowdsourcing company.
All partners (Baoparts) learn the importance of annotation work and receive training to acquire the necessary skills required to produce excellent quality work for every project they join.
Only those Baoparts who pass post-training assessments are allowed to participate on projects.
Furthermore, projects are assigned according to Baoparts' skill levels, with each Baopart undergoing project-specific training beforehand, and participation on the actual project is dependent on the successful completion of assessment tests.
In addition to this rigorous screening, Baobab also provides a safe working environment, providing support all through the training phase and projects, with thorough communication and taking each individual partner's differences and circumstances into account.

  • Orientation
  • Training
  • Pass test / register as Baopart
  • Work assignment according to skill level
  • Project-specific training & passing of tests
  • Participation on project & start of work

Benefits of Being a Baopart

  • Self-Determination

    We not only take a person's skill level into account when assigning projects, but also take care to give the utmost respect to their wishes, so they can actively work on projects that are rewarding to them.

  • Security of Long Term Employment

    Baobab offers flexible work based on individual circumstances, so staff are able to continue working with Baobab for a long time. There are also plenty of opportunities to try new things, and improve one's skills, including advancing to the position of manager.

  • Reasonable Earnings

    Baobab is committed to supplying deliverables that exceed client expectations. This drives high customer satisfaction, which is returned to our partners in the form of earnings.

What our partners say

  • Baopart

    I had to leave my previous administrative job after I became physically and mentally ill. I thought that I would become a burden to others at another job, so I couldn't really bring myself to look for work, but then I came across Baobab. Everything is online, and I receive really good support, so I can work with confidence. When I'm working for Baobab I feel like I am being useful to someone. I was able to reaffirm my desire to work, and have been motivated to think about the kind of work I would like to do in the future.

  • Baopart

    After getting involved with Baobab, I've learned to use various new tools needed for the job, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets and Zoom. I am now using the knowledge I've gained through Baobab and my previous work experience, and this has enabled me to work as an assistant at an accounting firm. After my pregnancy and delivery, I thought it would be difficult to reintegrate into society only with the skills from my previous job, so I'm glad that I proved myself otherwise.

  • Baopart

    I currently work full-time at a major company in an administrative capacity. My company allows us to work side jobs, and I discovered Baobab when I was looking to gain some new knowledge and experience. I really enjoy being given the chance to work on things I've never done before. I was particularly proud to have been involved in work for a paper that won an award at an academic conference! Although I couldn't personally relate to receiving the award, I felt happy that I was able to contribute to something.

  • Baochecker

    I am able to continue working whilst also teaching miso and ponzu making classes (something that Baobab allows me to do), so I am grateful for the environment that allows me to work without giving up on the things that I want to do.

  • Baochecker

    What with caring for my parents and taking my child for regular visits to the doctors', I didn't think that I'd be able to hold down a regular office job as well. With Baobab, not only can I work from home, I can also work a flexible schedule.

  • Baochecker

    It's an environment where I can easily ask about things I don't understand over Slack and other tools, and receive a warm response. The flexibility of being able to work early in the morning or late at night is also convenient. Above all, I really appreciate how amiable the staff at Baobab are, and I am grateful to have been involved in this project.

  • Baochecker

    At my previous role, document formats were rigidly fixed, and when I suggested improvements that could be reader-friendly, I was told off for overstepping my boundaries. In comparison, Baobab is always looking to other industries for ideas on how to improve communications and make work efficient, and they always listen to what I have to say. That attitude makes Baobab an enjoyable place where one wants to work, and it suits me much better.

  • Baochecker

    My child is in elementary school. If, after getting to school, everyone in the class is sent home due to an outbreak of COVID-19 or the flu, parents have to rush to school to pick their kids up early, around noon. Working for Baobab lets me go and pick up my child in those situations, for which I am really grateful.
    At my last company, I was met with resistance, with people saying things like, "Isn't your wife suppose go pick them up?", making it difficult for me to take time out with short notice.