Regardless of whether somebody is limited in the kind of work they can do or not, our respect-driven management ensures that each individual is respected as they are and receives mutual assistance, allowing us to speedily provide world-class quality deliverables

The World We Envision

A society where everyone is accepted as they are, and choices in life are unrestricted


At Baobab, we have set ourselves the following challenges:

Implementing fulfillment, the "I'm remarkable" moments, in our employees, and the unrelenting commitment to providing the highest quality AI training data in the world.

Let me explain.

Baobab aims to realize a society where everyone is accepted as they are, and choices in life are unrestricted. At the same time, we create training data for machine learning, the first step in building AI models, and provide the world's highest quality AI training data to our domestic and international customers.

So how do these seemingly 2 different concepts come together? You might wonder what creating high-quality AI training data has to do with people's happiness.

The secret lies in our employees, our partners known as Baoparts, who do the annotation work. If Baoparts are fundamentally happy, this results in achieving excellent quality annotations.

According to one study*, happy people are 31% more productive than those who are not.

We are aware that technology and operational solutions also play a big part in maintaining a high level of quality in training data. In fact, we make daily improvements to our own system at Baobab, and doing so does help us to gain better quality in many aspects.

And yet, at the end of the day, it is the Baoparts who determine the final quality.

I aim to increase Baoparts’ self-esteem, those moments during their work that they pause to reflect and think "I'm remarkable!". I want them to feel they are doing a fantastic job, that they know they can be awesome. In order to create those moments, we have adopted an approach centred around cooperation, autonomy and the pursuit of quality.

This approach is not only linked to individual happiness, thus bringing us closer to the society we hope to realize, but it is also directly connected to our strength in creating the highest quality AI training data in the world.

There are no quotas, no competition. We are an inclusive company, allowing everybody to work together peacefully and smoothly, with mutual respect for one another.

Isn’t it just exciting to imagine the possibility of a community like this supporting the world’s top AI modeling?

This is the ideal business model Baobab aims to perfect.

*The Benefits of Frequent Positive Affect: Does Happiness Lead to Success?

President & CEO, Miori Sagara


Providing the Highest Quality AI Training Data in the World

Good quality training data is crucial to the success of AI development. We train people to be professional annotators, have developed proprietary tools to help in this task, and are thorough about quality control, enabling us to speedily deliver high-quality AI training data.

Baobab's Strengths

Respect-driven management, in which employees and partners can work with pride in what they do, fostering a strong sense of self-esteem

Professionalism born from a supportive culture of mutual assistance
The Baobab cycle of nurturing

1. Mutual assistance (Understanding and Cooperation)

Our work systems and operations respect individual workers.
Our operation never leaves a partner to try and tackle problems alone, instead we rally together as a team to overcome the problem. We also have a deep-rooted culture of giving praise.

2. Independence (Cheerfulness and Responses)

We make sure to work together with partners (Baoparts) to address problems without blame. Everyone has a voice within their team and within the company, and being in an environment that is constantly improving for the good of everyone allows Baoparts to develop into active and independent workers.

3. Pursuit of quality
(Challenges and Commitment)

We work together as a team to deliver results that exceed client expectations. If there is something that a partner (Baopart) doesn't understand, or feels they are unable to do, we will steadily address the issue and support their individual growth.

Self-Esteem Taking Root in the Baobab Cycle of Nurturing

Wanting to respond to the encouragement around them, partners (Baoparts) take a positive approach to their work and accumulate success, which in turn creates feelings of self-esteem and autonomy. And as each Baopart continues to strive for outstanding quality, the reputation of our services continues to grow, the result of which Baobab can return to Baoparts in the form of reasonable remuneration.

When the harmony of the Baobab cycle is maintained, Baoparts will feel that they are contributing and helping the people around them (self-esteem), and feel pride in the work that they do.

Thus, Baobab grows stronger as an organisation, and continues to grow business by producing talented workers who are thoroughly professional.

Company overview

Company name
Shibuya Scramble Square 39F, 2-24-12 Shibuya,
Shibuya City, Tokyo, 150-6139, Japan
Date of incorporation
July 2, 2010
JPY 83,370,000
Represented by
President & CEO Miori Sagara
The Association for Natural Language Processing
The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI)