Our objectives

Baobab Language Solutions
Communicating excitement to the world.

Break down language barriers and make the world more exciting.

I am Sagara from BAOBAB Inc.

Over the last few years, the changes in the internet market place have brought about remarkable changes in the lives of the people as well as in economies.

Hardware prices have continued to drop, and there has been rapid progress in both the functionality as well as ease of use.
By accessing the internet, one can, without stirring from one's seat, attend the lecture of an MIT professor, discover the recipe for North Indian homemade food, love gardening in a London suburb, or be up to date on the latest teenage fashion in Shanghai. A recent feature is also the explosive expansion of the global community where it is possible to have interactive communication , rather than one-way receipt or transmission.

By opening up sales channels to the world on the net, the market becomes wide open, and opportunites also increase by leaps and bounds. And it also becomes possible to bring down production costs of products sharply.

Unfortunately, however, [language] is a big barrier.

Our objective is to break down the language barrier, and by using automated translation or language processing technology, we shall support overseas business development.

The mission of this company is to create excitement about connecting to the world.

Our Solution

Making use of a great variety of resources that combine the abilities of machines and people

We optimally combine diverse resources, starting from students right up to state of the art parallel processing computers, and create solutions to lower the language barrier.

We work together with the community.

We actively aim at harnessing individual capabilities in various co-operative efforts with the community.

We focus on providing improvements in efficiency and realistic pricing over the pursuit of high quality.

We believe that quality is important. At the same time, we wish to focus on providing systems and translation solutions which all our clients [can use].

Company overview

Company name BAOBAB Inc.
Portal Point,Shin-Yurakucho bldg.11F, 1-12-1,Yurakucho,
Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,100-0006,Japan (Map)
E-mail info@baobab-trees.com
Date of incorporation July 2, 2010
Capital JPY 5,000,000
Represented by President & CEO Miori Sagara
Auditors Certified Public Accountant in Japan and USA: Masahiro Mitomi
  • The Association for Natural Language Processing
  • The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI)