Our Values

We want all our partners, Baoparts, to have a strong sense of self esteem. To feel their worth. To be able to say “I am remarkable”.

Every Baopart who works for Baobab is a valued partner.

Baobab hopes to realise a society where everyone is accepted as they are, and their choices in life are unrestricted. We put great importance on every person who has a connection to Baobab - the people who work for us, their families, and further - being able to feel dignity and self confidence.

That feeling of self respect and being positive about oneself is not always easy. We believe that the key to one’s dignity is when a person can think and decide for themselves, and act on their own accord. Even if that is something trivial, an accumulation of confidence leads to one’s recognition of their own strengths, being able to accept themselves, and loving their own lives.

We want to provide and increase the opportunity for Baoparts to feel their confidence, so they can proudly say “I am remarkable”.

To that end, there are a number of things that we implement.

Fair Pay

We strive to pay Baoparts performing annotation work a fair amount that is higher than minimum wage.

Diversity & Inclusion

Baoparts will never be made to feel uncomfortable or discriminated against based on their nationality, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, native language, place of residence, religion, education, the colour of their skin, or any disabilities.


We believe it is important to take good care of oneself. We make sure Baoparts are in a good place. We put emphasis on sleep.

Autonomy, Independence and Initiative

We encourage people to think and decide for themselves, and act on their own accord.


We are diligent in providing feedback. As Baoparts work remotely, show of appreciation, swift reaction and suggestions in assignment improvements help them generate better content. This leads to the understanding of what it is to work better, how their work is connected to society, and how they are contributing. 


We make sure respect is implemented in all aspects. We reflect that in all communications, and value openness and good humour. We respect all opinions equally, regardless of how long someone has been working with us.

The Baoparts that work for us hail from over 22 different nations. However, nationality is only one element in terms of diversity. The Baobab platform plays host to many people with many different attributes, such as age, environment, culture, disability, family situation and language. For that reason, we always focus on creating a comfortable and smooth working environment with our own set of communication rules that take these differences into account. We constantly endeavour to build a relationship of mutual trust, and base our communications off that.