Baobab Selected for J-Startup Impact, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Program to Provide Support to Impact Startups


We are pleased to announce that Baobab has been selected for J-Startup Impact, a program launched by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to provide support to impact startups. 


METI News Release (October 6, 2023)
J-Startup Impact Launched as Public-Private Program for Supporting the Growth of Impact Startups



About J-Startup Impact

Impact startups are defined as companies that aim to solve social and environmental issues and realise new visions, while simultaneously aiming for sustainable economic growth. These kinds of companies are garnering attention in Japan for embodying the concept of “New Capitalism” advocated by the Kishida administration. 


Previously, METI ran the J-Startup program, a public-private partnership that aimed to support startups that are leaders in innovation. Now, beginning this fiscal year, the ministry has launched J-Startup Impact to intensively provide support to impact startups with high potential, with the aim of raising public awareness of impact startups and fostering momentum for supporting them. Thirty companies have been selected for the program, and it is hoped that they will serve as role models.