Baobab Selected for J-Startup, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Startup Support Program


We are pleased to announce that Baobab Inc. has been selected as a J-Startup company for 2023 in the J-Startup support program run by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).


◆ About J-Startup

The J-Startup program is a program run by METI to support innovative startup companies, with the aim of nurturing companies that can compete on the global stage. Companies with potential are selected to take part in the program based on the recommendation of independent experts such as venture capitalists with a proven track record, or people at large companies responsible for new businesses.

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◆ About Baobab’s selection as a J-Startup company

Baobab’s mission is to realise a society where everyone is accepted as they are, and their choices in life are unrestricted.

Many of the people who create AI training data for Baobab are people who would struggle to find normal employment due to their personal circumstances, whether because of their living situation, a disability, or because they are a refugee. Therefore, as well as pursuing the economic value of rapidly delivering high-quality AI training data, we as a company have also been contributing to the creation of social value by creating a system that connects people who have been cut off from society with employment born in the age of digital transformation.

The criteria for startups to be selected as J-Startup companies is that they must exhibit promising technologies or a promising business model, and show considerable potential for growth both in Japan and overseas. Selected companies can receive support from METI, who provide the perfect environment for fundraising and developing business domestically and internationally.

We are overjoyed to have been selected for the program and see it as a crucial step towards the further growth and development of Baobab. As a result of this selection, we will further accelerate our efforts to create social value and expand our business both at home and abroad.