Baobab to Participate in the Research and Development of Japanese-Made Large Language Models (LLMs)


Baobab is set to research and develop a domestic large language model (LLM) in collaboration with Ridge-i Inc.


Development to Start on a Large Language Model (LLM) Made in Japan that is Safe, Secure and Reliable – The project intends to use SAKURA internet’s GPU service and aims to release a prototype generative AI/LLM during 2023


In this undertaking, Baobab will utilise our extensive knowledge and experience in natural language AI development. We will also be working with Yusuke Oda, a former Google software engineer with expertise in Japanese language NLP development, and Graham Neubig, a world-renowned NLP researcher and associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Together, we will work to develop a cutting edge, highly accurate Japanese LLM, incorporating our knowledge to carry out Japanese-specific token analysis and fine tuning.